Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Storage - Black Cabinet

Where did I get that great black cabinet in my post post a few weeks ago?

I got it at Home Decorators Collection. Beware! If you order from them, you will get catalogs for the rest of your life :p

Beyond Sesame Workshop - Programs for toddlers

Weapon X loves Sesame Street Workshop, but I would like him to be able to be more interactive with the computer. He always manages to hit function buttons which lock up the fun and frustrate all of us.

We have not tried any of the following, so we cannot endorse them, but we are interested in trying the following highly-rated, virus screened programs from CNet's

All of these programs have free trials, and some of them are completely free.

Key lock programs
Maddie - Customizable key lock
Toddler Keys 0.97 - Keys pop-up your pre-loaded pictures and sounds

Other fun options
Primitive Painter - Learn to use the mouse to color pictures
Kids Abacus - Count objects like bunnies and cakes.
ABC 4 Kids Workshop - Learn letters and basic spelling
Sebran’s ABC - Learn basic math, spelling and ABC's
My Reward Board 1.61 - A glorified sticker chart
Ten Amazing Fruits 2.2 - CNet called it Mr. Potato Head with fruit

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello Dolly!

My parents live in Harlingen, Texas. Hurricane Dolly is quickly approaching!!! The eye of the hurricane should hit the coast Wednesday morning bringing lots of wind, rain and possible tornados. Batten down the hatches people!